We bring high quality Consummable products which are at the same time cost effective.

We represent M/s Welch Allyn USA to bring Consumables like Probe covers for the Digital Thermometers, as well as introduce Flexiport & EcoCuffs & Universal Blood pressure cuffs which are innovative cost effective but most importantly cut down the cross infection among hospitalized patients thus bringing down one more cause of Nosocomial infection.

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Key Surgical is a leading provider of sterile processing, operating room and instrument care supplies. Committed to manufacturing and distributing the highest quality products, Key Surgical maintains the highest level of applicable ISO and FDA requirements. Continual dedication to personalized customer service and an extensive product line allow Key Surgical to serve the needs of hospitals, surgical centers and more throughout the U.S. and internationally.

Instrument Cleaning
Key Surgical Instrument Cleaning brushes are designed to provide you with the wide variety of brushes needed to clean your surgical instruments. Designed for use in decontamination, along with a few that can be sterilized for use in the O.R., our many styles of brushes ensure you and your team have the right brush for the right job at the right time.

Instrument Protection
Key Surgical Instrument Protection is designed to protect your valuable instruments from unnecessary wear and tear which can help reduce repair costs 究ing you peace of mind that your investment is being protected. Instrument protection also protects personnel from injuries as they handle items such as scissors, osteotomes, retractors and skin hooks.

Identification Tape
Key Surgical Identification Tape is designed to help you organize and identify instruments as they move between sterile processing and various departments. Identification tape helps you save time, effort and money by offering effective organization and identification of surgical instruments. With the broadest selection of tape available you can choose from hundreds of colors and patterns.

O.R. Products
Designed to offer the highest quality products for use in the O.R. Our broad selection of surgical supplies includes Vascular Booties, Vascular Loops, Clamp Covers and Time Out Visuals. A successful plan in the O.R. includes having the right supplies at the right time.

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